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Integrated Energy Therapy®

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A safe and gentle way to release patterns of the past.


Integrated Energy Therapy® (IET®) works on energetic levels of the body.  The energy of IET® is the energy of angels.   The Nine Healing Angels of IET® remove stuck emotion and blockages that cause discomfort in the body.  IET® is a safe and gentle way to release patterns of the past, helping one to become empowered in their life.  It is described as a way “to get the issues out of your tissues.”

In addition to private sessions, Integrated Energy Therapy® classes are available.  Trainings are organized in this manner: Basic IET®; Intermediate IET®; and Advanced IET®.   There is also: IET® for Kids; IET® Guide to Working with Pets; IET Steps to Transformation; and my personal favorite, Healing Angels of the Energy Field. Check out the website, you will find me listed under the menu option About IET Master-Instructor Directory. At this site you will also find more information on these classes. If any of these topics interest you please click on the button below to connect.

What People Have to Say

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After my session I felt at peace and totally relaxed., the stresses my body had been holding were removed, and I felt lighter. 

Kim Turgen

IET testimonials
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