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Listening Within Yoga Retreat

Listening Within Silent Yoga Retreat September 9, 2023

A one-day, silent yoga retreat
September 9, 2023

In the container of Listening Within silent one-day yoga retreat, you will feel a sense of community being in shared silence with others.  The gift of group silence offers a supportive environment inviting you to open to your inner silence, listening within, and becoming present to the different aspects of yourself... body, feelings, and thoughts.

During our time together, you will partake in two forms of meditation (mala and walking), experience two styles of yoga practice (gentle and restorative) and ample time for lunch, journaling and reflecting. Unfurling from individual silent sanctuaries, we will conclude with a closing circle, conversation, and refreshments.

WHEN:     Saturday September 9, 2023
WHERE:     Wilkins House, 19 Plummer,  Hill Road, Waterford ME  04088
TIME:          8:45a-5:00p

INVESTMENT: $215.00 
Registration closes August 26, 2023

WHAT’S INCLUDED:  A delicious catered lunch, snacks and tea; retreat mugs, journals, and mala necklaces.

WHAT TO BRING: Water bottle; yoga mat, blanket(s) and blocks. (If you do not have yoga things, they will be provided.)

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